Kiwis can now book a virtual consultation with Local Doctors and White Cross doctors wherever they are in the country, thanks to the launch of the new online health consultation platform, Bettr.

bettrBettr lets patients 'visit' doctors via video or phone consultations from the comfort and convenience of their homes, car or workplace. Consultations cost $10.00 for patients enrolled with White Cross or Local Doctors and $49.00 dollars for others.

Tāmaki Health CEO, Steffan Crausaz, says the platform has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“Within the first two weeks of testing the platform we’ve already seen demand outstrip supply on several days and have ramped up resourcing accordingly. The response from our team of Bettr doctors has been great. This is a secure, easy to use and affordable platform that Kiwis can access from wherever they are. While it will never eliminate the need for face to face consultations altogether, there are many health concerns that can be addressed remotely, saving time and potentially lives.” said Steffan.

Consultations are available through Bettr seven days from 8AM-1PM.

Booking can be done in four steps with same day appointments generally available. Patients go through triage questions prior to their appointment to identify and address potential urgent care needs which may need to be seen in person.


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